The Vully

With its 653 meters high, the Mont Vully offers superb panoramic views of Lakes Neuchâtel and Murten, the Jura Mountains and the Alps. This green paradise offers a wide variety of regional delicacies such as local fresh water fish, usually accompanied by the sparkling fine wines produced on the Vully slopes.

The Mont Vully is situated on the western side of the Seeland's largest plain and resembles a pearl gently placed between the three lakes of Murten, Neuchâtel and Biel. The Celtic and Helvetic tribes appreciated the region's temperate climate and the local countryside's particular charm. Secrets from these ancient settlers can be re-discovered in Vully's archaeological sites.

The Vully has a very particular climate. It suits just perfectly to the vineyard and all others fruits and vegetables, like rhubarb or onions which are very popular all around and made our identity. The over 150 hectares of vineyards face Lake Murten, which guarantees the region's mild climate. On the other side of Mont Vully, vegetable fields are cultivated. The protected natural reserves along La Broye and the shores of Lake Neuchâtel offer peace and quiet to both walkers and nature lovers.

The hiking trails are very easy and perfect for family's or for people looking for a cool walk. The wine path, botanical path, historic path & shores path are parts of the differents itineraries. The truck-farming path is perfect for cycling and to have a look of the agricultural crop, which provide fresh vegetables and fruits for all the little markets around and the swiss supermaket.

Useful information

Guided tours in the Vully can be organized by Vully Tourisme.

Access by car: 10 minutes away from Murten, 20 minutes away from Neuchâtel, 35 minutes away from Fribourg or 45 minutes away from Bern.
Access by public transport: with the RER S20 Fribourg - Neuchâtel until Sugiez train station, then the Bus line 530 connects Sugiez with the village of Lugnorre.




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