The count of Romont

Romont had been ruled since the 1460‘s by Jacob of Savoy (1450 – 1486), the Count of Romont. During the battle of Murten he fought on the side of Charles the Bold.

Jacob’s contingent was situated on the Northeast of the city of Murten. Since the Confederates encircled Charles the Bold to the Southwest of Murten, the Count of Romont was able to flee.

Before the Battle, June 22nd 1476 (Diebold Schilling) : “ And so it was decided that in the name of God, with his godly help, the righteous … that they should encircle him so that any means of escape should be cut off, for they thought should they fi rst attack the Count of Romont, who had set up his camp on the other side, so would it lend the opportunity for the Duke of Burgundy and the other opponents to fl ee … , what was with wisdom, reason, vigour and courage rightly decided upon. ”

After the battle, June 22nd 1476 (Petermann Etterlin) : “ The camp of the Count of Romont and his allies was in front of the city in the direction of Berne. He knew nothing about the battle until shortly before the end. Then he learned that the Confederates had arrived through the hills above to attack and that the Duke [Charles the Bold] found himself fl eeing with the Confederates on his heels. No one had obtained intelligence on the attack. When the Count of Romont heard of the reliable news, he broke camp and fl ed towards Berne, where the Confederates had come from, saving his life and that of his troops but leaving his belongings. ”

Outside of Murten, June 22nd 1476 (Veit Weber) :
“Romont was restless,
A sweat bath for him was made,
And had he there laid,
With his sweat would have occurred distress.”

Quellen/Sources : Wilhelm Oechsli, Quellenbuch zur Schweizergeschichte, zweite Aufl age, Zürich: Schulthess & Co., 1901, page 250; Gottlieb Friedrich Ochsenbein, Die Urkunden der Belagerung und Schlacht von Murten, Freiburg: Ed. Bielmann, 1876, pages 448, 449, 489).




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