Giovan Pietro Panigarla was the Envoy of Milan for Charles the Bold. The Diplomat was to experience on the fi eld of the ‘Bodemünzi’ how Charles confronted his reconnaissance troops with the upmost suspicion. His preconceived opinion was to be the cause of his own demise.

The account of Panigarola begins on the evening of June 21st.

“The Duke postponed the battle to the morning of June the 22nd, because he felt sure the enemy was not to attack and only making a show and would only make a show of power.

It began to rain on the night of the 21st to 22nd and would continue until the following midday. In the morning, when the Duke saw that the enemy had not shown itself throughout the night, … he assumed his mind that they were not to attack, furthermore, reports had reached him that the Swiss had emptied their artillery. This was because their gunpowder had become moist and diffi cult to light. They reloaded their weapons … from midnight on they began their advance through the forest step by step nearing the opposing forces without showing themselves or making a sound.

The more Charles heard the reports, the less he believed …he wanted his word to be pledge that they would not come. He believed the reports were made so that he should give up his siege they were all traitors of the French government. … It was impossible to make him believe that the Swiss were so close with their forces, he hesitated so long to mount his horse that when he did his forces were already scattering in retreat.“

Quelle/Source: Johannes Dierauer, Panigarola’s report of The Battle of Murten, Frauenfeld: J. Hubers printing house, pages 8-10. Compare especially Gigliola Soldi Rondinini, Giovan Pietro Panigarola e il “reportage” modern, in: Historical notes 60 book 60 (1976) pages 135-154)




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