Save yourself, whoever can

When the resistance of the Burgundy forces was broken on the „Grünhag” (a firearms-studded reinforced hedge), the solidarity of their forces soon vanished. The knights fled, pursued by the Austrians and Lotharingians who came to help reinforce the Swiss Calvary.

The Burgundians whose retreat had been cut off by the envelopment manoeuvre were slaughtered by the thousands in retribution for those forces of the Confederates who had been executed by Charles in Grandson when they had capitulated. Veit Weber who himself had taken part in the battle describes this scene of the battle.

June 22nd 1476, afternoon (Veit Weber) :
“ Each carried his banner with pride / No one should his sympathy hide / Courage they had / Their thoughts went to / How they should put the great Duke of Burgundy / In his own blood. …
One fl ed here the other there / Hoping to be hidden / … and such a despair I had never seen / Many fled into the lake / Although not for thirst.
Here to their chin they waded into the water / They were brought down as if they had been ducks / By boats they had been followed and slayed to their death / The lake full with blood / Cries of distress and death were heard.
Many tried to save themselves by climbing the trees / ... / They were speared down without relief. …
The battlefi eld stretched over two miles / Upon which many were laid dead / Butchered and speared / For this we thank God now and forever / That the death of our fellow men / Of Grandson had been avenged. …
Veit Weber created this song himself / He himself was in the battle / ... . ”

(Quelle/Source:Gottlieb Friedrich Ochsenbein, the offi cial documents of the Siege and Battle of Murten pages 448, 449)




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