The Nidelkuchen, Murten cream cake

The Nidelkuchen is a cream cake the conception of which is totally unique. This pastry is produced in various bakeries in Murten.

The distinctive feature of the Nidelkuchen is that at least five thin coats of cream are added to a light raised pastry base. The first three coats are lightly acidulated and sweetened and are added during the cooking. These form a fine coat of caramel, which softens when the last two coats of Gruyere double cream are added. A clever mixture that makes this tart a creamy delight that melts in the mouth.

Murten’s famous “Cream Cake,” is a delight to gourmets. In Murten’s neighboring villages, take pleasure in sampling “Savory Cake,” baked in the traditional village ovens; often enjoyed as an appetizer with a glass of Vully wine. Regional bakeries and confectionaries are ready to surprise you with the other sweet and savory delicacies, too. Let yourself be tempted!

Useful information

Find “Cream Cake” at the following shops:

Bäckerei-Konditorei Aebersold
Hauptgasse 40
3280 Murten
Tel. + 41 (0)26 670 22 27

Bäckerei-Konditorei Zum Buttergipfel
Bernstrasse 15
3280 Murten
Tel. +41 (0)26 670 21 58

Bäckerei-Konditorei Hauser
Hauptstrasse 5
3286 Muntelier
Tel. + 41 (0)26 670 12 51

Confiserie - Tea-Room Monnier
Hauptgasse 25
3280 Murten
Tel. +41 (0)26 670 25 42

Confiserie Züger
Hauptgasse 33
3280 Murten
Tel. +41 (0)26 670 22 53




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