Package Lions Trail

This inordinary scavenger hunter us more than a simple walk. It invites you to experience Murten and its surrounding areas in a different way. By means of your smartphone, you will find your way that leads you to locations that will provide you with the answers you are looking for. But carefule: time is running! Discover unique locations and view points while keeping your eyes on solving the puzzle...

Start at the reception desk of the Hotel Schiff. There you receive all the necessary information regarding the scavenger hunt. Form small groups consisting of 2 to 5 people and start with your adventure! The scavenger hunt ends with an award ceremony as well as a tasty Apéro at the Hotel Schiff.

Per group, it is necerssary to have one smartphone with an internet connection and a QR-Code scanner. (Download the QR scanner in the Play/App Store for free)

Useful information

Number of people
Group offer from 8 to max. 50 people

Scavenger Hunt + Bubenberg Apero + award ceremony: CHF 29.- per person
Bacon quiche + drink
(a glas of Vully vine, mineral water or orange juice)

Scavenger Hunt + Zähringer Apéro + award ceremony: CHF 38.- per person
Plate with different morsels à la maison +drink
(a glas of Vully vine, mineral water or orange juice)




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