Philippe Tisserand

RESPONSIBLE FOR THE VULLY-LES-LACS TOURIST OFFICE Reception and information at the Tourist Office of Salavaux, support for events in Vully-les-Lacs, relationship with our tourist providers, management of the office, development and coordination of regional tourism offer. ORGANIZATION OF YOUR COMPANY OUTPUTS IN THE LAKE OF MORAT VULLY AVENCHES.

Located on the edge of the Seeland (the largest vegetable garden in Switzerland), the Vully with its vineyards, unique panorama of the Alps and the Three Lakes region, hiking trails or cycling itineraries as well as the largest beach Of sand of Europe (in fresh water!) Salavaux.
The Vully is a veritable corner of paradise between the two lakes of Neuchâtel and Morat, its 24 vignerons encaveurs working 150 hectares of vines created the first controlled denomination of origin of Switzerland intercantonal VD / FR. Vully AOC.
It is a wonderful challenge for me to promote our beautiful region and to make it known to our hosts of passage or when they leave their club or company.

Useful information

Presence on Saturday in July and August if beautiful weather
For any questions or appointments you can reach us on +41 (0) 26 520 75 20 thank you in advance. /




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